Brooke McDonald

July 25, 2016

This image was taken in September of 2015. It's of one of my best friends, Jordy. This was a shot that has an alternative perception to it than what was truly happening at this moment in time. Jordyn, myself and another 3 of our best mates where mucking around, jumping over fences, off forts with bikes and just laughing and having a really lovely time together, whereas this moment in time that I've captured here, has a somber, and calm sense of total peace or silence to it, which very much wasn't the case.

Jesse & Jordyn.
Jesse (foreground) and Jordyn (background) are looking out over the peninsula from Point Nepean, Victoria. We had slowly walked for a good couple of hours before we reached the tip of point Nepean, our timing could not have been more perfect, the weather was so calm and the hues from the sunset were beautiful. It was slightly overcast which was also extremely lovely. We watched the waves for a time and walked back to our cars in complete darkness. There is a lot of personally emotional investment in this image for myself and those pictured within it. I truly love it and it has remained one of my favourite images I've taken since its creation.

This was taken towards the end of 2015 at the Melbourne zoo, Australia. This is Zoe. This was one of the first times I've shot Zoe and each time I love it, because she has such a visually beautiful aesthetic and that's quite a critical element in the models and people I shoot. A lot of the time it isn't planned that way but always works. 

This is Maggie, and I shot her in Mornington, Victoria. We shot all the way back in 2012 together, she was one of two models in my very first shoot. On this shoot we returned to the same location as we had used the first time which was quite an odd feeling, seeing how far we both have come and what we've been through in that space of time. 

This is Milla, in my studio-garage-space, July 2016. I've shot Milla many many times and it's always really fun to experiment with her and my own visual aesthetics. This shoot was originally for a school art project. This project relates to mental illness and the glorification within mainstream culture, hence the glittery under eyes after an anxiety attack or simply crying. The explanation of this concept can be quite extensive but essentially this image was intended to personify a lot of what culture perceives mental illness is and how it affects those of whom suffer from it. 

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