Editors' Letter

September 3, 2016

(photo by Paula Warlick; graphic by Zoë Bridgwater)
We want to start this month's editors' letter off by thanking everyone who has sent us their wonderful submissions the last two months and to thank the people who have submitted for this! Without you all, we would not be what we are!

We are excited to announce that we will be featuring the amazing Project Upcoming Zine this month and possibly some art of our own!

It's really exciting to see how much Dissolving Film has grown over the past couple of months and we're looking forward to it growing even more. Thank you all for the support.

We know that going back to school can be stressful and overwhelming, but we want to remind you that it can be fun too. A new school year means new opportunities for growth and development, individually and academically. School can be as much fun as you make it out to be--have study groups with your friends, make a fun playlist to get ready to in the morning, and always take time for yourself every day. Whether that means 10 minutes or an hour, your health should be your first priority. Keep a positive mindset and that's what the world will see.

Thanks for everything you all do for us!,
Zoë Bridgwater + Zoey Martinez (zb + zm)