"France with Olivia" by Zelda Solomon

September 18, 2016

I live in north London and I'm 17. I find 17 is such a transition , twilight age. Not quite a woman but definitely not a child. I look at my friends and myself and try to explore what it means to be a 17 year old girl . I like photos that combine soft and hard to create a mix or somewhere in between. That's why I really like these photos because they look dreamy but a little tough at the same time . That feels more authentic to me.

I love exploring emotions , and trying to capture a feeling rather than a moment or physical image . If I can make the viewer feel a feeling by looking at my photos, I'm very happy. I love photographers like Laura Greenfield , Paul Graham, Anna Gaskell, Monika Mogi and Cindy Sherman who are all amazing at creating mood and telling a story.

all photos shot on 35mm

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