"The Black Lodge" by Alexandria Dravillas

November 27, 2016

 "Parade to the Polls" was a concert that brought many well known Chicago music artists together in order to stress the importance of voting. At the end of the concert Chance the Rapper led thousands of people to the polls for early voting. 

I came to the awareness event to see my favorite band, Twin Peaks. Their music is very important to me and it has been ever since I was sixteen. I first saw them when they opened up for Mario Cuomo's band, The Orwells, in 2014 at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix, Arizona. I knew that I had fallen in love with their sound after they played "Boomers." 

I heard about this show last minute and ran to the nearest CVS to get a disposable. I had never taken advantage of the opportunity to photograph their shows because I was always moshing. I knew that "Parade to the Polls" was going to be a historical, powerful event and I knew I had to document it. These are some of the photos I took during their set. 

This is the mosh pit during the Twin Peaks set at Chance the Rapper's "Parade to the Polls" concert on Monday November 7th, 2016. 
It was very difficult to refrain from moshing but it was more important that I took photos of other people moshing. This photo was taken right before a fight broke out.

Nobody's music has ever made me as happy.

This is my buddy Dan. We were both really excited during the set.
Stick Crowds


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