Natalie Claro

January 14, 2017

Natalie Claro is a 17 year old alternative rock artist who writes and produces her own music.
Read about what inspired her as she wrote and recorded her recently released EP and came about titling it Atychiphobia.

Atychiphobia is a phrase I learned when curious as to if there was a term for fear of failure. Sure enough, there was. Despite my EP holding this as it's title, it's thankfully more of a metaphor for the fact of how huge of a step it has been for me to grow out of it. My entire life I've always strived for the best and have been an over achiever. I did well in school and always wanted to be at the top. But when I started creating my music, I suddenly was afraid of being anything less than top notch. I would cringe at the sound of my own vocals and pick myself to pieces at the smallest little performing flaws.

For some reason, one day it just like... stopped. Seriously. I have no clue at what point this epiphany happened but I awoke and suddenly manipulated my stress inducing, accomplishment hindering mess into a motivation to be the best I can be. I spend every waking moment trying to outdo the Natalie from yesterday. I now embrace my flaws and my voice cracks and my flukes. I thank the sky when I have to restart a recorded song due to hating the tempo I chose, because if I didn't I would have released a song that wasn't at it's full potential.

My atychiphobia has transformed from a fear into a determination and that's why it represents my EP. My debut as an artist. My arrival into the industry. And I hope I can use this message as a way to encourage anyone with their eye set on a goal to look that goal straight in the eye and run straight for it. Don't let anything stop you. We'll do it together. I really do want to start seeing more kids and teenagers and young adults shoot for the stars. Anything is possible if you work your butt off.

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