Elsa Burgos (pt. 2)

March 12, 2017

Today and yesterday we featured artwork by Elsa Burgos, a 19 year old artist and coffee lover. Here is the second and last installment:
This is a painting I made about how it feels to me to always like someone that doesn’t like me back and how this time I choose to make something out of it instead of just crying and feeling sad about it.
‘’Glorious technicolor’’ I love Heath Ledger and this is a collage I made of him.


I was looking so hard for something but I didn’t know what it was 
all I knew was that I was desperate to find it 
I relied on solitude 
I drowned myself in soulful tunes
and was up in the middle of the night 
I woke up and my eyes were lifeless as if something took their glow
I saw it on my dreams but I forgot it when I woke up 
I thought I catched a glimpse of it once but I was never sure 
you forget the taste of lips after a while
you forget how softness feels like
it is after your heart was shattered to pieces that you realize you had one and it is after you come back from it, not he same that I realized I had stories to tell.

The above poem:

I’m wondering if we’re meant to collide
and our separate lives are being displayed 
somewhere to someone 
as a ‘’before they met each-other’’ kind of thing
if we crossed eyes perhaps in another time, at a
party somewhere, at a house somewhere, at some garden

Me sitting at the coffee shop where I met you and you
probably at your house or skating somewhere unknown to me
I wanna see your pretty face again, 
this is my silent prayer, I hope it gets to you somehow…


We still mourn the absence of angels
our tears froze or maybe they never were there
but we still feel it at our core 
I dream of Paris but Paris doesn’t know me yet,
I believe in love but i’ve never known the touch of a
lover against my skin
I woke up and the first thing I saw was the golden chandelier,
I looked at you beside me and wondered if I could feel love again
of course! I thought too, I hope so.

You got rosy heated cheeks and I don’t know what to do with myself
it felt like it, when I saw you on the street that I could feel love again and that I wanted it with you, with the brightest smile I’ve ever seen 
share a coffee with me, a sunset. 

The above is kind of a self-portrait with a poem too about what art means to me.

In the daily things we find it,
in the disdain
in every step we take
the magic never leaves us 
even when we feel like it does sometimes
it lives always in the deepest parts of our translucent souls
art is always there to calm the growing pains 
to fill the space at the absence of whatever like something that has always lived inside you and dreams hand in hand with you 
I’ll always be thankful for this instincts because I think somehow, in every way possible it has saved my life.

Picture of one afternoon at my room making collages and watching a movie, I love making collages and I found it helps me calm my anxiety as well.

follow Elsa on instagram @lisztomaniaclub to see more of her work