Music Messages

March 29, 2017

Madasyn Andrews:
My anxiety leads me to be very paranoid and overthink everything. This then leads me to feel depressed for days on end about things that genuinely don't even matter. I constantly try to convince myself that they don't matter, but it can be so hard to not think about them when they get stuck in my head. I've always been a casual fan of Bruno Mars, I even went to one of his concerts before, but I definitely wouldn't say I'm his "number 1 fan". So even though his "24K Magic" album has been out for months, I only recently started listening, but it has changed my mood completely. Listening to his funky songs helps distract me from negative thoughts. They put me in such a happy, giggly mood because I dance around and sing along. I would highly recommend the album if you haven't listened already or even just give any type of music a chance to distract you from the negatives in your life.

Natalie Claro:
Guys you don't understand. Twenty one pilots is my FAVORITE band. I wish I could pick a favorite album but I simply can't so I'll pick my two favorite songs. Lane boy is about the lead singer finding artistic obstacles when creating music- most people pressure you to create something that the radios and mainstream media would accept so it makes creating things outside of the box extremely difficult but worth the effort. My second favorite is Trapdoor, his lyrics are just so powerful and deep.
The chord structure of the song just takes over my whole body!! It's like I'm in a movie when I listen to that song. Truly amazing artists. And also about Lane Boy, not only is the meaning something I relate to but the song itself makes me get up and dance EVERY time without fault!!!

Amanda Headley:
Album // When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day
Artist // Mirel Wagner
From a horror show of smiling faces to a tale of necrophilia, this album is such a haunting masterpiece. Coffin-like record to keep those hidden things within you company, when you don't wish to utter a word. In the events of aloneness, or isolation, or gloominess, I immediately turn to Mirel Wagner.

Logan Charles Jenkins:
"A Note on tøp"
twenty øne piløts is a huge inspiration to the level of success that I want to reach. The passion that they put forth into their music and the amazing experiences they make for their fans in shows is how I want to feel with my work; I want to create. I want to create things that people not only enjoy, but that they indulge in and really appreciate. I want to be more than average, and I want to constantly improve my material and who I am as a person. That is why the EMØTIØNAL RØADSHØW inspired me; I got a taste of what true success looks like.

Emelly Fitria:
The album “Dopamine” by BØRNS is my 24/7 dulcet companion in my ears. I listen to the tracks everyday for almost a year now and i never grow bored of it even the tiniest bit. Both the album and band is otherworldly. Every beat makes me feel like grooving in outerspace. It just gives me that joyful feeling. All the lyrics are beautifully written as well. The way BØRNS expresses into words are really creative. Overall, a wonderful inspiring work of art that i cannot get enough of.