“A LoveLetter to the EU” by Gina Fischer

September 16, 2017

I am Gina, 21 years old and from Berlin. At the beginning of this summer, 12 of my friends and I created a little video with the intention to arouse interest and political engagement in European elections among young people. The upcoming German federal elections makes me and my friends anxious, especially because the Eurosceptic AfD-party bucks the trend with its calls for a ‘Dexit’ referendum: “Freedom and self-determination for Germany instead of EU.”

To 'fight' for the EU, I created a video titled “A LoveLetter to the EU.” This video features 12 people from across the world, gathered on a small island in the harbour of Copenhagen to express the freedom that the EU grants them on its soil through dance. Filmed on a sunny summer evening while dawn approached, the group was bathed in golden light, eliciting resemblance with the 12 stars of the EU. These days, the EU is a symbol of values which the young generation should hold on to.

“The European Union is a system that I was privileged to grow up in without even thinking about the benefits that this historic coming-together of countries brought to the people of Europe and the world. Endangered of falling apart it is now more important than ever to stand up for what one believes in and save the great achievements of humanity.” - Andreas Schreiner (who is one of the 12 EU-Stars in the Video)

Amie Cocoshka
Sebastian Matthew Lajciak
Andreas Schreiner
Søren Holm
Louie Zingenberg Frandsen 
Maya Leroux 
Karl Gustav Brøndum Østergaard
Fransiska Paula Bramsen
Maja Leth Bang 
Louise Cehofski 
Søren Arildsen 
Viktor Agaton 
Ananya Nisbet

Poem by:
Sydney Spaceship

Music by:
Christoffer Jørgensen 

Hoodies by:
König Souvenir 

Edited by: 
Max Thillaye

Directed and Filmed by:
Gina-Josephine Fischer

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