“It’s a fuzzy feeling outside” by Silla Alawa

October 1, 2017

I video taped the sky
and I experimented with
my camera. The world is a
beautiful place.
Dragonflies tipped the
pool water and skimmed
the surface, swooping and
flying every which way.
They congregated in my sister’s
The world is a beautiful place.
The grass was wet from the sprinklers.
I took off the neon crocs and immersed
myself in wet. There are grass stains on
my pants and my shirt, but it was worth
it to lie and smell the dirt. My hands
were a little sore from carrying both the
camera lenses and stretching my fingers
to catch them all. People are obsessed with
Pokemon Go nowadays.
They drive at ten miles per hour to trick the
game into thinking they’re walking to catch
Pikachu. I think it’s ridiculous.
You could get injured!
The world is a beautiful place.

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