"Creating a Mood" : An Interview with Playlist Bitch

February 19, 2018

Playlist Bitch is a playlist generator, newsletter, and blog. Visit their website to sign up for their newsletter, follow them on Spotify to listen to their playlists, and follow them on Instagram to stay up to date with them.

We asked Sydney of Playlist Bitch a few questions about how she decided to create a weekly newsletter dedicated to sharing playlists and about some of her current favorite music.

DISSOLVING FILM: Could you tell us about how you came up with the idea for Playlist Bitch?

PLAYLIST BITCH: I came up with the idea for Playlist Bitch one day at work after A. texted me asking for "new music." These days, music is so accessible on streaming platforms that people get more lazy about finding music. That's why people turn to playlists...but...even playlists are hard to find! So I had the idea to follow the model of The Skim or Clover Letter - with a weekly newsletter delivered to your email every week with a new playlist. After a year working in marketing, I saw that "shareable" content followed a very similar pattern. So, I decided to include a profanity in the title and brand the newsletter in millennial pink. Shareable!

How do you come up with the themes for your playlists?

Playlists are supposed to create a mood or supplement a specific activity - so that's my goal! In terms of names of playlists, I try to make them extremely specific, so that they seem personal and relevant to the listener! I think playlists are sometimes named things too broad like "chill music" or "good vibes"... why not just make it "plane ride to thanksgiving" or "dad's taco making playlist." People are more inclined to connect with something they're familiar with! Plus, I love coming up with the names. Music wise, I work with the mood I'm trying to create and just listen through tons of songs.  Haven't really perfected my process yet.

Do you have any thoughts on the role of social media in the music world?

Social media is HUGE in music these days. It's a window into an artist that used to only be accessible through a speaker. People like being part of the story, seeing an artist grow and make music. In terms of Playlist Bitch, I work primarily on Instagram because I see it as the most relevant platform for musicians/people who follow musicians.

What were some of your favorite albums last year?

Ah, my favorite album...Ctrl by SZA. She should've won a Grammy. Smh.

What albums are you excited for this year?

SUPER excited for Maggie Rogers to make more music. You know what's weird, I don't really anticipate new albums. I listen to what's put in front of me. Then, when a new album is out I'm pleasantly surprised!

Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know about you?

Ooooh....let's see. Nah, I'll keep it mysterious. I guess I'll say we have a newsletter which is pretty cool.

Interview by Zoƫ Bridgwater

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