"Company" by Max Thillaye

March 10, 2018

Somewhere a room exists, where the essence of existence is maximization of production. Here, the individual consciousness has been erased and the ‘me’ holds no meaning; a post-burn out space, where questioning has no place and individual value is a foreign term. Erased of individuality and awareness, disturbance is minimal and everything passes smoothly through the inhabitants acceptance of the order. But crackling from the effect of the human factor, people fall victim to epiphanies, reaching a breaking point with the abrupt realization of their reality. The sudden awareness, leaves each with a loss of purpose and meaning, causing a breaking point. In a desperate, final move for change, each gives into a transformation. But the apparition and process of transformation is equal to all, making the mutation simply an extension of the machinery they attempted to escape.

Text : Johanne Bj├Ârklund Larsen 

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