Queen of Jeans + Teenage Wrist + Oso Oso + Citizen @ Rebel Lounge by Javi Perez

July 18, 2018

Let me just start off by saying what a line up! This was such a great show and I left feeling so happy and great!

The first time I saw Queen of Jeans was in Tucson, AZ on the last tour Balance and Composure did. I remember talking to them after the show and thanking them because it was great to see women killing it in the music industry. Some time has passed and they have released their second LP, Dig Yourself. It’s a wonderful, airy, punchy record. They closed their set with a cover of Aaliyah - "Are You That Somebody," with an incredible guitar solo from Mattie.

Next was Teenage Wrist. I’ve heard a couple of songs from them but haven't taken a deep dive into their music. In the words of twitter account @thisbandfucks, “y’all know @TeenageWrist?? they fuck.” They just released their first album, Chrome Neon Jesus, and it’s goood! It sounds like if Superheaven and Gleemer were melted together causing Chrome Neon Jesus himself to appear. I would definitely give the record a listen and if they come to your city, definitely check them out.

Oso Oso is the project of Jade Lilitri. I had never heard of his music, but I liked the band name. His latest release was two singles, “ob/ol h/nf” and "Subside” that are both very good! They have soft, beach vibes that make them easy to digest. Most of the songs in the set were just that, soft, beachy, with a bit of a kick to them and lyrics that accompanied them well.

At this point I don’t even know how many times I’ve seen Citizen. I’ve crossed state lines to see them, they are the best band on this earth. They played lots of their classics from Youth and Everybody is Going to Heaven, plus the hits from As You Please. I think the small stage limited the performance because there was literally no space to move. Last time I saw them play, they brought out a piano and I was hoping they would do that this time but I think due to the small stage, it was out of the question.

Here is the photo gallery, enjoy.
Javi Perez

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