The Aquadolls : Bleach 7"

July 11, 2018

We are thrilled to share with you two brand new singles from The Aquadolls! Though these new tracks differ greatly from the surf rock/breezy sounds of The Aquadolls' previous album, they are a glimpse into the new sounds and themes that Melissa Brooks seems to be exploring on her upcoming album. Read on to read what Melissa has to say about her newest releases.

both photos taken by Michael Haight 
"Bleach" and "Runaway" are both going to be on The Aquadolls' upcoming album out later this summer. I've been recording and mixing literally every day on my laptop since the beginning of February and wanted to give a little taste of what I've been cooking up since Stoked On You, our last album which came out five years ago! The album will feature songs written between 2013 through last month.

"Bleach" is a sassy, tongue-in-cheek anthem about f*cking with the person who f*cked with my head in the worst way possible. I wrote this song in the summer of 2016 while on a tour of the United States. I got dumped in the middle of tour and was completely devastated. I had to get up on stage and sing love songs about someone who threw me away. While driving to Reno, I took out my pen and paper and wrote this song down in my journal. I was so hurt and the words just came right out of my brain into the paper of my notebook.

"Runaway" is about having self-doubt while having a crush on someone. Instead of being upfront with them, I avoided the question. I played games because I felt like I had to in order to make them like me. I knew that it wasn't going to really work out with this person, but I romanticized the idea of running away from all of my problems with them, even though it never happened.

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If you reside in California, you can see The Aquadolls live on July 25th @ The Locker Room at Garden Amphitheater in Garden Grove, CA (you can purchase tickets here) and on July 26th @ A Very Rare Shop in Los Angeles, CA (tickets available at the door).

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