"Sickly Sweet: A Call Me By Your Name Diary" (excerpt two) by Saffron Maeve

August 10, 2018

JANUARY 1, 2018

This was an emotional viewing. I only caught the last half and you’ll read why below. I can not think of a better way to have started a new year. I have not spoken to the person I went to this with in a long while, but I hope she still carries this memory with her as dearly as I do. 

I went to see 2001: A Space Odyssey tonight. I was so excited because it was at my favourite theatre and it was in 70mm, something I’ve never experienced. The music came on, the curtain rose, and the movie played. It did not click with me, even in the slightest. It started to get good around the intermission but by then I was already upset. I devoted my New Years to seeing this, certain that I would love it. I stepped out during the intermission and my friend and I bolted into the theatre across the hall. The theatre was playing Call Me By Your Name. This was my third time seeing the film. I only saw the second half, but it was one of the best experiences ever. My friend (the same one I was with tonight) and I had gone to see it together the week before and we laughed and cried and talked about it for hours on end. But tonight felt different; it was like watching a memory. A beautifully timed and calculated memory. The movie ran perfectly so that as soon as the clock hit 12 and it was a new year, the first few notes of “Visions of Gideon” started. The final scene. My first three minutes of 2018 was my friend and I holding hands and crying. I don’t believe in Gods or powers or any such thing, but I’ve always believed in fate. The universe coming together to make something amazing happen. This was my something amazing. Happy New Year everyone.

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