Super Whatevr + Beach Goons @ 191 Toole by Javi Perez

August 22, 2018

Super Whatevr, newly signed to Hopeless Records, put out their debut LP, Never Nothing, earlier this year. The album and their set had varied sounds that kept the listeners on their toes. The vocalist, Skyler, has a unique voice that comes with a certain twang not heard often in emo music. It is delicate but can punch you right in the chest when you least expect it. The amount of emotion that was radiating off of him was astounding. The guitarist, Nate, sat down on an amp and started playing some chords and it was there that I knew something serious was going to happen. The song was "Someone Somewhere Somehow" and let me tell you, it is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard. The song deals with the loss of someone through suicide and the dark after effects. It was truly hard to hold back the tears but the song was so powerful and raw. They have continued that theme into Never Nothing. "Kathrin With a K" is a soft, almost folk song but contrasted to songs like "Cops On Motorcycles," with a heavy guitar and drum stacked sound, their live performances are stunning to watch. For them to open up a show, where there was around 50 people there, they got the crowd energized and excited for their music. I went into the show not knowing many songs but I left a fan! I’ll also note that after the show they all went to the merch table, said thanks to the people that came and were genuinely enthused to be there. It always warms my heart to see bands and their fans interacting on an authentic level :’)

Beach Goons closed out the show. I was expecting a full band of white dudes to be playing surf, beach tunes but I was surprised to see, they were Hispanic! (we luv representation!) I don’t know how old they are but they look young and somehow their music is absolutely incredible, like did they ever suck? They sound like a clearer version of American Pleasure Club with some punk influence. They are a minimalist three piece band but w o w, they really bring it! There was even a mosh pit at one point. If you haven’t heard of Beach Goons, I would definitely recommend!

Here are some photos from the show, enjoy.
Javi Perez

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