Foxing + Ratboys + Kississippi @ Rebel Lounge by Javi Perez

September 20, 2018

Kississippi, we love her! Their debut album, Sunset Blush, touches on topics of an ending relationship. I feel that Kississippi just came out of the woodwork and amazed everyone, but they have been putting music out for a while, people just needed to catch up. Zoƫ played on a beautiful guitar, decked out in stickers. I felt that the crowd gave the intimacy and respect that is needed for songs that are so personal, even if they did not know who Kississippi was.

Ratboys! A weird, unusual name for a duo but their music is the opposite, being warm and inviting. Per Rolling Stone their music genre is “cuddlecore country.” Julia’s voice definitely has a certain twang and lightness to it. They opened with one of the weirdest concepts I’ve heard for a song, "Elvis is in the Freezer." It is about Julia’s cat Elvis, being in the freezer because the ground was too muddy to bury him after he past away. The unusual lyrics of "Elvis is in the Freezer" contrasted with the sincerity of "Westside" allowed for a variety of emotion and appreciation for music. They played "GN," for Good Night and "GL," for Good Luck. Seeing them was honestly a treat! Great tunes!

Lastly, Foxing. I’ve heard of them and of course their 2014 release, The Albatross but hadn’t kept up with them in the recent years. To set their scene, as they were loading onto the stage, the fog machines started to disperse fog onto the tiny stage, multiple strobe lights started to go off and I could tell something really cool was going to happen. They all walked on stage wearing the same white, long sleeve Foxing shirt, with their last names printed on the back so I guess they are a sports team now? Go Foxing! Their new sound is incredible, produced by previous Death Cab for Cutie guitarist, Chris Walla, it feels big, angelical and truthful. They really put time and effort into making this show, even if it was at a small venue with a stage that one could barely move around in, an incredible and visually appealing experience.

Here are some pictures, enjoy!

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