I THINK WE SHOULD BE FRIENDS : "Music & The Bond Between Friends *Q & A*"

September 19, 2018

Welcome to our new column! It will be an ongoing one that we hope to post once a month.

I have been thinking a lot about how important music is to me and how cool and special it is to find someone who likes the same band(s)/musician(s) as me and how I often use music as a starting off point for getting to know someone or developing friendships. I believe that music creates lasting friendships and wanted to hear about other peoples' experiences with this idea! - Zoƫ Bridgwater (editor-in-chief)

With this interview, we would like you and your friend to get to the core of how your bond through music started. The interview format will be up to you (could be typed out, a video, handwritten, whatever you think up!) and we want YOU to create the questions that you would like to ask your friend. It would be amazing if your interview was a back and forth thing (more like a conversation) but if you just want to ask questions one way that's fine too. Below we have the very first installment:

The music universe really worked it’s magic to bring me, Alessandra, and Brenda together. I made a Twitter in February because I wanted to make a friend to go to a COIN show with. My first tweet was a picture of the show flyer and Brenda happened to see it. A few days before the show, Brenda messaged me because she saw my tweet. Ever since then we literally talk every single day and it’s pretty much all about music. We made this video because we each came up with three music related questions to ask each other. We hope you have fun asking your friends these questions or answering these yourself!

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