“progression” by Thea Neufeldt Armstrong

September 8, 2018

I went on an amazing road trip a few summers ago with my family around the southwest US, through Nevada, Arizona and California. It's been a few years, but I consider what I learnt on that trip regularly! We visited San Francisco, where I lived when I was very young and have not visited for a long time. These pictures are of a hike we went on with my mother's close friend, looking at the view from Land's End, San Francisco. These photos were taken on a day of progression - the day started out horribly, but became one of my favourite memories of the summer when I had a shift into the realization that this minor thing which had been so heavily affecting me was not enough of an excuse not to enjoy the beautiful day with the beautiful company I had. I thought long and hard about how lucky I was to be where I was and putting that thought into my outlook caused a newly radiant positivity even on a dreary day! That day symbolizes my trip for me - those days were not always wonderful, but when I chose to have a positive outlook, they were some of the most teaching and grateful experiences of the summer. These pictures, to me, sum up the vacation and give me huge summer nostalgia!! As the summer wraps up here in Canada, I look at these pictures and remember that I can continue this idea throughout my final year of high school as well - that I have wonderful friends who I appreciate and love and am grateful for and that as wonderful as the isolated and joyful months of summer are, so much more of life can be wonderful if I let it! I must bring the gratitude and humbled awe of my beautiful world with me wherever I go to juice optimism out of even the darker moments I experience for the rest of my life.

The photos are organized to adhere to this concept of progression of mindset.

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