Personal Shrines vol. 2

October 30, 2018

October is a very special month to us, so we thought that we would bring back this project for the spookiest month of the year!

Throughout the month of October we collected submissions revolving around your own personal shrine(s) that you have created for things you love: a favorite musician/artist/celeb, your youth, a crush, a favorite book/movie, your pet, etc.

Here are all of the submissions that we received:

Maya (@maristi)
I've added close-ups of some of the things on the wall. They include photos, stickers, old tickets, press passes and more. My entire city life is on this wall over my desk and is the first thing I see when I wake up - as it's across from my bed. My NYFW press pass is by my bed, but this "shrine" is really dedicated to the second life I have, outside of my suburban, everyday high schooler life.

Andrea (@nahndrea)
I wish I could say I have always been the Cool Teenager I am today (half-kidding), but alas, like every other adolescent who had an internet connection between the years 2010 and 2015, I, too, was a One Direction aficionado. 

While I did spend some time being ashamed of my little four-year phase of calling Harry Styles my husband, the older I get, the more I look at that time of my life with fondness instead of cringe. I loved One Direction - what was so shameful about showing it?

I took these photos of my friend when I was 15, the day before I took down the iconic poster wall that every teenage room had at the time, to commemorate, I don't know, the end of an era, maybe. I loved having this as my room, and I wanted to remember it. My room doesn't look anything like this anymore, but I stuck a photo of it on my new wall, just so I won't forget.

The last picture is a lil webcam selfie of 13-year-old me after successfully filling up the poster wall, happy and proud that she managed to create a little world for herself where she's surrounded by things that make her happy.

Larson (@larsonerogers)
These are some pics of my room! I used to always feel like my room wasn't really mine because there was nothing in it that truly represented me as a person. Now, I cover my room in things I love, whether that be photos of friends and family, music, or little knickknacks. I feel like I've manifested myself into my room and I add to it as I grow as a person. I can look back on who I was and who I am now.

Sophie (@skinpace)


My body is a temple, a shrine perhaps.
The only devout follower that I have is me.
I bask in the sunlight instead of lighting an array of candles.
I embalm myself in smooth and light lotion, a nightly ceremony.
I sing sweet tunes to myself, my own personal hymns.
I make a hot cup every morning and drink ritualistically.

However, all these customs are done in such a way that does not mask internal shadows,
But instead brings a god-coloured light within me.
Instead, brims me with so much love that I have enough to share with so many souls.
Instead, turns my mind into such a frenzy that my frequencies transmit to those around

My body is a temple, my mind its own pantheon.
My heart follows with such devotion and faith.

There is no corruption but a child-like innocence that has found a new door to life itself.

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