Hinds + Mustard Service + Weekend Lovers @ 191 Toole by Javi Perez

November 3, 2018

Hinds, hailing all the way from Madrid, Spain stopped by Tucson, Arizona for a night in the desert. Hinds brought on a local act in each city and that is so heartwarming and a great way to use their platform. For Tucson, they brought on Weekend Lovers. They are a trio serving wispy, cool rock music.

Mustard Service. I had never heard of them but they had the crowd acting like it was 1966 and they were the Beatles, people were just going crazy! Mustard Service is from Miami, influenced by their home, their music is surf rock but with a hint of Sinatra. They have one album out called Zest Pop.

Now for the ladies of Hinds. One, I have to say their outfits and makeup were incredible!!! I think all of them were wearing this beautiful blue eyeshadow, who is she? I need her! Hinds packs a powerful punch. They came out full swing, so much energy and I could feel that they were really happy to be there and valued their fans. There was a guy who wanted his guitar signed by them and he went to a couple of shows until he finally met them and the signing could happen. Their 2018 release, I Don’t Run, is a journal of emotion and experiences through love. It is not an emo boy whiny type of album, Hinds is not searching for pity but an outlet to let their frustrations out. They shared that some of the writing they did for the album, happened in Arizona so that is cool, get some desert vibes on the album! They put their everything into their live shows and it just made for a wonderful and empowering show. It ended with Hinds and Mustard Service doing a rendition of "Davey Crockett" by Thee Headcoats, which is just so funny!

In all great experience, Hinds is really out here changing the world and I can’t wait to see what is next!

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