Hot Flash Heat Wave + Hunny + The Frights @ Crescent Ballroom by Javi Perez

December 30, 2018

Hot Flash Heat Wave opened up the sold out show with their surf rock, beach pop, power sound! With being an opening band, the Arizona crowd loved them! By the end of their set, people were jumping, crowd surfing and dancing on the stage. With the crowd hyped up, Hunny came on and KILLED IT. I can’t recommend them enough, they are just THAT BAND. They have a post punk sound mixed with groovy, pop that makes the music so unique and soo good! The show continued for the headliner, The Frights. They were supporting their newest release, Hypochondriac. The album expresses pain and mental health issues in different ways it is felt, through situations such as break ups, touring, and medication. With such personal topics being sung about, the energy at the show was high! There was constant crowd surfing, yelling, screaming and dancing. This was the last show on the tour, The Frights ripped apart their set. The lamps were passed around the crowd, acting as an closing ceremony of torches.

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