Moaning + Lala Lala + Mothers @ 191 Toole by Javi Perez

December 16, 2018

Moaning opened the show. They are a noisy, hazy dream with a bit of a Devo influence mixed in! They were supporting their first release as a band, their self titled record. Since they were the opener, the venue was basically empty. People really missed out! They all brought so much energy and gave the performance their all. With being a post punk band, the obvious center for the songs is the gritty guitar but, the drums really go all out for these songs. In the midst of the all noise, you can still hear the synth though so their sound is well balanced and allows the listener to experience a little bit of everything. My favorite song was "Misheard," it has a super catchy riff and is a bit wavy. Sub Pop snatched them fast because they are such a good band. I can’t wait to see what is in store for them.

Lala Lala is a project conducted by Lillie West. She released her second LP, The Lamb back in September. It was an intimate setting to experience The Lamb. Her lyrics are truthful and powerful and put me in a state of dazed off reflection. Introspective reflection seems to be what the premise of the whole album is, being self aware and tackling the issues. The performance musically varied as well. With songs like "I Get Cut," a punchy, sing along contrasted with a song like "Water Over Sex" that is a bit more lo-fi with a light vocal melody. Her performance left me feeling a tad bit closer to myself and warm.

The dazed reflection left by Lala Lala turned into a deep haze, led by Mothers's sound. Mothers has a beautifully haunting sound that left me swaying back and forth with my eyes closed without me knowing. They were supporting their newest release, Render Another Ugly Method. Musically, it can be described as slower, cleaner shoegaze with trembling clean vocals. It is a beautiful record, and it was a mesmerizing show!

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