Queen of Jeans + La Dispute + Circa Survive @ The Van Buren by Javi Perez

January 5, 2019

First of all, this line up, EXCUSE ME!!!!! Queen of Jeans is the best band and it is always an absolute pleasure to see them play! Fun fact, I went to see them on their first U.S. tour with Balance and Composure (R.I.P.) in 2017. La Dispute was supporting the re-release of their album, Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair, and yes, it is that album with the song that goes, “I think I saw you in my sleep darling.” Headlining was Circa Survive, which I had also seen in 2014, where Balance and Composure opened (wow I really miss them).

Like I said before, it is an absolute treat to hear Queen of Jeans play! They have such soft harmonies that make you melt and tunes that make you close your eyes and smile. Around the middle of their set, where they play one of my favorites, "U R My Guy," they had won the crowd over, as they were screaming for more! They played a new song, which is incredible by the way! I spoke to the vocalist, Miri, after the show and they are scheduled to record new material in the new year so stay tuned. I cannot wait to hear the new music! They finished their set with their classic cover of "Are You That Somebody," causing the older people in the crowd to go WILD. By the end of their set, the room started to fill up which is really a shame, they missed out.

La Dispute, supporting their re-release, came out hot, everyone was screaming the words to the songs they have loved. La Dispute was not a band on my must see list but after seeing them, wow they are great live! The singer, Jordan Dreyer, was super interactive with the crowd and sporadically moving which was great for me as the photographer. For one of the songs, they brought out Mattie from Queen of Jeans, for a guitar solo and she KILLED IT.

Circa Survive closed out the show. Sadly, their drummer, Steve, had hurt his arm the day before so he was not able to play. However, Circa pulled it together and did a full acoustic set! It was cool to see songs like "Get Out" and "The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is In The Dose" that are loud, strong songs being played in a softer, lighter tone. The sound that was missing from the drums and electric guitars was somewhat made up by the crowd singing. At some points it felt like a cathedral gathering where everyone passionately sung their hearts out.

Here are some pictures, enjoy.

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