"The Tranquility of Matt Maltese" by Blanca Reyes

January 25, 2019

Have you ever loved something so much that you have an incredibly hard time explaining just how brilliant it is? That is how I feel about Matt Maltese's music. I’ve tweeted nearly every song lyric of his and basically beg all of my followers to listen to his music on a day-to-day basis so much so to the point where i'm sure they have me muted.

Matt Maltese is a 22-year old Brexit-pop, schmaltzcore, apocalyptic singer/songwriter from Reading, England. I only found out about him this year after Spotify suggested his song, “Studio 6,” for my ‘amore (love)’ playlist, which was ironically evil considering the song made me want to crawl into fetal position and cry instead of giving me the butterflies, head-over-heels feeling my playlist was made for. But alas, “Studio 6” quickly became one of my favorite songs and I just had to find out who was behind that soft, tearjerker of a voice that had captivated me. Upon a little digging, I found out about Matt Maltese and listened to nothing but his discography. His first project was an EP called, In A New Bed, which consisted of mostly emotional break-up/love songs that are sung in such a way that they could pass as lullabies. His most recent project is his album, Bad Contestant, that still features his soft voice but it’s stronger - more confident. This album ranges from songs about love (or the lack of it) to an end of the world song written about President Trump and Theresa May (it’s a long story, just give it a listen). Even though his song lyrics are sarcastic and humorous, the songs as a whole bring you a sense of tranquility. It’s as if you’ve been transported into another dimension, another realm where all you hear is this smooth voice with a perfectly constructed mix of instruments whose sounds are balanced so well that you just sit there and feel it all. Every note, every beat of a drum, strum of a guitar, key of piano - it just hits you all at once as you close your eyes. And I’m sure I am not the only one who has danced to his songs around the house and screamed out every lyric with my whole chest because the songs are just so damn good not to. "Strange Time" and "As The World Caves In” own my life to the point where every time I hear the songs start, I have to stop what I’m doing to take it all in as if each time is the first time I’m hearing it. That is what makes Matt a master at what he does. He constructs his songs in a way where you have to listen to every sound and by the end of a song, I guarantee you will have goosebumps.

I can go on and on about how brilliant his songs are and how they make me feel, but I won’t be doing it justice. Search him up, listen to his songs, and get transported.

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