I THINK WE SHOULD BE FRIENDS : "Nostalgias Shared Across the World"

February 20, 2019

Meet Yulin.

Yulin is a spirited, sweet and loving soul who colours the world using her vivid imagination in the form of paint. Through the one and a half(-ish!) years that we’ve had countless conversations into the night, it feels like I’ve known Yulin for a lifetime.

Despite our very different timezones and busy schedules as young students in the big world, Yulin and I have always been able to make time for one another in situations when we needed each other most or when we just wanted to fool around with one another. Exchanging hilarious memes (that most of the time we made ourselves) and gifting art to one another, we both got to become close to one another so easily, like milk mixed with honey.

Judging by how we interact with one another and how I talk about Yulin to my friends back home in Australia, most people would think that we know each other in real life. But in actuality, we met through Instagram!

At first, we just followed each other but our path to acquaintanceship took a turn when I changed my profile picture to a certain member of group that we both happened to absolutely love. Through crying over songs and awaiting eagerly for our favourite group’s next music video or album drop, it was then that our friendship blossomed into a sisterhood.

This band that I believe truly strengthened our bond as sisters is known as BAP - a Korean boy group that performs a diverse range of songs that cover political and social issues, mental health issues and most importantly love for the world, art and their fans. 

In this interview, Yulin and I reminisce over our memories that we’ve made together in this friendship and how BAP changed our lives forever.


  • How did we discover that we both loved BAP?
“I had to be reminded of this since it felt like we’ve been friends for YEARS majorly because of B.A.P, haha! But yes, you had a B.A.P profile picture on instagram and, yes, of course I freaked and yelled at you immediately inquiring about it. 

I was SO excited because you were the first person that had the same level of love I had for the lovely boys. I thank the gods you had that profile picture. That was the start of a roller coaster ride!” 

  • How would you feel if we could experience a BAP concert together -- and what would we do there? (Fan meet and greets, what countries we'd go around afterwards etc.)
"OH MY GOSH, that would be a dream come true, seriously! Not only would I get to meet you (FINALLY, you live so far, literally on the other side of the world) we would also be meeting the source of major happiness AND inspiration of our lives? Uhhh sign me up. 

We actually already had a few conversations about this, of course, and every time I think about it I get super excited. Imagine how intense we’d be dancing, yelling, crying, everything! It would be THE experience. 

It would be amazing if I could witness you go through a fan meet/hi-touch. I wonder how calm you could be in front of our faves… hehe. I know I’m not. I WOULD NEED YOUR SUPPORT. 

Honestly, I would love so much to go around wherever the concert was playing together. Wouldn’t it be so fun? We could explore small alleyways, cute little shops, have a nice cup of hot chocolate, experience local food… to be honest, I personally prefer low-key travel plans but if you ever want to do anything more ambitious like traveling to another country altogether I’d totally be down!” 

  • How do you think bonding through BAP impacted our relationship?
“Oh, it definitely made our bond 200% times stronger! When I’m talking to you, I’m always happy and laughing because we would send each other meme-y screenshots or HD photos of the members. We really built a strong collection of these screenshots between us, huh? How wonderful. Sharing is caring. 

B.A.P was the major starting point to our friendship, and I am so thankful for them, because I got to know you further after that point. I got to know the wonderful, caring, inspiring, talented Sophie!”

  • From your memory, what is the funniest thing we did as a result of our major fan-girling over BAP?
“HONESTLY I found it so funny when you commented on every single B.A.P post I posted, I felt like someone was always there to voice out my thoughts, except 10x funnier. You’re a comedian. Do you remember that one time we left so many comments under one post because we accidentally made each other think of all these scenarios from the photo we were so attacked by at the time? We basically wrote a fan fiction between us in the comments…. good times." 

  • What do you think our song would be from BAP's entire discography?
“Ooh this is a good question… I’m thinking, definitely something bright and fun, since you always make me feel warm from your sunny presence! Something we could jam to with our whole bodies. That’s My Jam, Feel So Good? But you also inspire me constantly… hmm, Honeymoon it is. I just feel like THIS is the song of motivation and hope. It made me recognize them even more as the role models that they are, as are you. 

You are so always strong and inspiring to me. Also that line, ‘PAINT THE WORLD’ makes me think of us working hard on our paintings, our creative passions. Let’s keep working hard and paint the world together!” 

  • What is something you're most grateful for that BAP has given to us as friends?
“Since we met as online friends, the existence of B.A.P really accelerated our friendship from day 1. Having the same (fiery!) passion for the same music/group of people might not sound like much, but when you come together and express that, something magical happens! 

It just feels so amazing to have someone else appreciate their talent with me because they DEFINITELY need to be appreciated. They’ve given us laughs, tears, BIG smiles, and most importantly our friendship. I am so grateful for B.A.P for many things, and our friendship is definitely up there. So, thank you B.A.P and thank YOU Sophie for existing.”


Doing this interview with one of the most vibrant souls on earth definitely brought a whole lot of tears to my eyes…but most importantly it gave me the biggest smile in the world. 

A lot of people seem to think that friendships are built through physical memories made with one another. 

That they’re tangible. 

But I think that me and Yulin’s friendship is proof that you don’t need to physically see or feel someone to love them - if you can feel a connection through any means, such as the powerful universal language known as music, then you’ll find a friendship that will last forever.

To BAP, although many of your songs and your journey as artists have come as gifts to me, the greatest gift you have given me is Yulin. Without you, I would never have met such an amazing human being and I am truly blessed to have met her.

And too my dearest Yulin, thank you. You have given me nothing but love and laughter. With You always and forever! I look forward to the many years our friendship has to offer. God bless!

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