An Exclusive Look Into the Making of "Toujours" Magazine with Elena Majecki

March 10, 2019

Elena Majecki is a photographer based in Brussels and we have always loved the work she has shared with us. Her most recent project, a zine named Toujours, focuses on the relationship between a band and their fans. The first time we collaborated with Elena we conducted an interview, and since it was so successful we figured that would be the best way for our followers (YOU!) to learn more about her and her zine.

We hope you enjoy!

If you would like to buy a copy of Toujours, there are still a few copies available on their Big Cartel.

DISSOLVING FILM: First, we want to say thank you so much for agreeing to an interview, this is an amazing opportunity! In order for our followers to know a bit more about you, would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself? What are you passionate about?

ELENA MAJECKI: Hello! I’m Elena, a 20 year old photographer! I’m passionate about music and photography and I’m trying to make it work together as much as I can!

We’ve done an interview with you before, could you give a short recap of what your first submission was?

Last year my big project was to document a feminist underground movement in Brussels called Laisse Les Filles Tranquilles. A series of photos from our rides across the city resulted in this collab and it was shared on Dissolving Film!

When you reached out to us you mentioned a zine you released, Toujours. What is this magazine all about?

Toujours magazine started with an idea in the mind of two friends, and grew into a 68 pages long magazine with 100+ photographs about the relationship between a band and their fans.

Despite not being musicians ourselves, it was so easy for us to realize how deeply music affected us. Our relationship with bands evolved along our own personal growth. With that in mind, and inspired by the strong connection we witnessed at every live show we went to, we decided to turn this into a project of our own.

Toujours is the story of everyone who was ever a fan. It's the story of Columbine, but it's also the story of any band. It's a reminder of those days when we were young and dedicated and so passionate about the bands who shaped us today.

This project isn't just a solo project. It's a collective work. We reached out to fans who were going to the same shows. We reached out to a brilliant young illustrator, Eléa. She not only is a fan of the band, but she had already worked with them before by drawing their album’s tracklist in the most beautiful way possible.

Do you have a particular favorite band? If so, what is it about them that makes them your favorite?

Yes actually, my favourite band is Hinds! They are a Spanish rock band and they are sooo good. I wouldn’t know what exactly makes them my favourite band because there are so many things, from their songs to how good they are live to how good people they are outside of the band. I think that being a fan of a band is being touched by their music in a certain and single way that you kinda end up being crazy about them. There will be a point where all you will want to do is listen to their song that you love SO MUCH and nothing else will matter.

Was there a specific moment or event that sparked the creation of Toujours? If so, could you elaborate on it?

I think when Eléa, a young illustrator fan of the band as well, sent us the illustrations she made specially for the project it took a whole new turn. I mean we were already two on this project, but it was me and my best friend (who is also a photographer) but bringing someone new into this project took it really to a new level.

What led you to the decision of making Toujours a collective rather than a solo project?

I think that when it comes to art (and even in our everyday lives), working with other people, as a duo or a group is a strength. We went through so much during the making of the zine that without each other we would have given up and regretted it after. Our different life experiences and skills brings a new and fresh look on the project you’re working on in the best way possible.

Similarly, what made you decide to print your magazine rather than keep it online?

Well first of all, we have always admired photographers like CJ Harvey who do print zines more or less every time they go on tour with bands. But also, the fact that we shoot film gives us a different perspective on photography and prints. We are really attached to prints and we wanted people to actually hold the magazine in their hands, to then store it in their library or just keep it on their bedside table.

Who would you say Toujours was created for (aka who is your target demographic)?

Toujours is for anyone who has ever been a fan, who queued hours before a gig, counted down the days before an album, anyone who has had a band shape their life in any kind of way will see their reflection in the pages of Toujours. Toujours is for us, Toujours is for everyone else.

Is Toujours magazine a one-time issue or are you planning on coming out with additional volumes?

The future in pretty uncertain - the idea has never been to create a proper "toujours vol2" however the band liked the idea and kinda wanted to make a new one, so we’ll see!

Interview by Zoey Martinez

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