Editors' Letter

March 1, 2019

(photo + graphic by Zoë Bridgwater)
March has officially begun and we have some exciting submissions to share with you this month (including some new editions to our “My I Love You” column and exclusive interviews with two super cool people)!

In February we featured several lovely submissions, such as personal pieces of writing and photo diaries. We truly get so excited every time we see an email in our inbox with a submission coming from one of our dear followers’ hearts. Our email is always open for submissions and you don’t have to submit something pertaining to one of our ongoing columns. You can submit any piece of work you choose ranging from drawings/paintings (digital or hand made), photos (digital or film), collages, zines, poems, journal entries, playlists, original compositions/lyrics, etc. We always love seeing your creativity and unique ideas.

As always we would also like to take the time to thank you for your support because we could not continue to run Dissolving Film without your support!

Lots of love,
Zoë Bridgwater + Zoey Martinez (zb + zm)

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