"Fragments From a Past Life" by Sydney McRae

March 18, 2019

I wrote these poems last summer after finishing my first year of college, amidst a time in my life when I was trying to make sense of all that had been and all that was going to be -- a time of deep self-reflection and reinvention.

I found that I was able to turn powerful moments and feelings into poetry so that I and others could understand my innermost thoughts. I use poetry as a way to better understand myself, my feelings, and the world around me; and it helps me to document how I felt during certain time periods of my life. This is a collection that is a testament to my personal growth and realizations I had when returning home after a very difficult and strange year.

These words helped me find my way, discover who I am, and find beauty among chaos and heartbreak. I want to share these poems so that maybe they can help others on their way too.

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