"How Will You Know if You Never Try?: My First COIN Show" (COIN + Tessa Violet @ the Newport Music Hall) by Tricia Stansberry

March 17, 2019

I've been wanting to see COIN live for quite some time now. I’ve seen countless images of their shows sprayed across my Instagram feed, with their bright neon lights and boundless energy. I was very intrigued and I can say my first COIN show definitely did not disappoint.

Before COIN took the stage, singer-songwriter Tessa Violet began the evening with a wonderful set which included her hits “Crush” and “Bad Ideas.” Tessa has a lovely, friendly presence and she ended her set with a sing-along to a new track that she played for the very first time that night. I can’t wait to see Tessa again!

As we waited for COIN to take the stage, I noticed the many rows of lights being set up behind the drum kit. The anticipation in the room was unbearable, with the sold-out crowd singing along to the songs playing over the loud speakers, basking in the moment of magic that occurs right before a band takes the stage. Suddenly, without warning, the lights dimmed and the energy in the room was so immense that I swear I could feel it!

As the members of COIN infiltrated the stage, the roaring crowd exploded with glee as the band began their first song of the evening “I Don’t Wanna Dance.” Lead singer Chase Lawrence ran back and forth on the stage in a zealous vigor that was completely contagious. Directly behind drummer Ryan Winnen, rows of lights flashed with bright neon colors with every beat, and the room was illuminated. During songs like “Growing Pains” and “I Want It All,” Lawrence took to the keyboard very exuberantly as the crowd sang along every word.

Rounding out their set with “Talk Too Much” and concluding with crowd favorite “Fingers Crossed,” the night had ended but the spirit in the room had not. The energy of the crowd was endlessly contagious and stuck with me for the rest of the night. I can honestly say that COIN was one of the most fun shows I’ve ever been to, and I cannot wait to see them again!

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