"magic in a human world" by Elsa Burgos

June 23, 2019

1- When I see you up close 
I feel a lightheartedness 
My heart softens
as if i’m holding something so fragile 
but that gives me so much strength,
 so much light 
as if you are the universe’s way of showing me how much I can give
How much magic is reachable
 in a human world
 how love can save us from it all 
when I hold you in my arms I wish my hands could keep you always safe 
when I kiss you slowly and your lips tremble that’s my favorite
Peace is you
Peace is me and you
I kiss an angel how lucky am i? 

2- Love will make us
Is not something you take
Is something that arrives
When it wants and it leaves when it wants
It makes us
It changes us
Shapes us
And i love you with such a violent light.

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