Editors' Letter

July 5, 2019

(photos by ?; collage by Zoë Bridgwater)
Welcome to this month’s editors' letter!

Last month we featured a wide variety of submissions ranging from music to poetry to photography as well as a couple mixed media pieces, and they were each so incredible and unique. Dissolving Film has some very exciting news about our mag coming out this month, so keep an eye out for a post regarding that! It’s something we have always thought about from the very beginning of two girls sitting on the bedroom floor dreaming out loud about an online zine. We can’t wait to let you all in on our secret!

We thought it would be a fun change to add something new to our editors' letters, and ultimately we decided on briefly talking about some of our current favorites - which this month happens to be reading! Zoë’s pick for the month is Patti Smith’s book The Coral Sea and Zoey’s pick is Neil Gaiman’s book Coraline.

"I just started reading The Coral Sea by Patti Smith and I already love it so much. Smith wrote in the introduction how this collection of poems and photographs was, in a way, her first attempt at writing Just Kids and in some instances you can see how some parts would later be incorporated into the novel. Reading The Coral Sea is like reading excerpts from a journal as Smith captures so closely her personal connection with Robert. I highly recommend it (and all of her other poem collections/short stories/albums <3) to anyone who loved Just Kids." - Zoë (zb)

“I’ve loved reading my whole life, and I definitely got my love of reading from my parents. If a book was ever made into a movie I was usually one to read the book before watching the film. However, this was not the case for Coraline. The movie has always been special to my dad & I - we watch it together multiple times a year. I just now got my hands on the book and started reading it and I am absolutely loving it! It it way creepier than the movie and I would highly recommend this if you’re looking for a spooky pick.” -Zoey (zm)

As always our inbox is open to any and all art and/or music centered submissions. Just email us at dissolvingfilmmagazine.com -- we would love to hear from you! 💌

Zoë Bridgwater + Zoey Martinez (zb + zm)

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