Lala Lala @ Big Bar Room by Tricia Stansberry

July 6, 2019

I saw Lala Lala for the first time in winter of 2017 when they opened for Cherry Glazerr. I had never heard of them before, had never listened to any of their music. Regardless, their music blew me away, and I was in love as soon as I heard them perform a cover of together PANGEA’s “Night of the Living Dummy.” Lillie West’s soft voice and emotional lyrics instantly drew me in and I went home that night and started to listen to Sleepyhead.

Lala Lala’s second album The Lamb came out in 2018 and was praised upon its release for the intimacy of West’s lyrics, as well as the musicianship put forth by the band. Personally, The Lamb was one of my favorite albums of last year, and it became the soundtrack to my winter.

I was excited to be able to see Lala Lala again earlier in June, as they made a stop at Big Room Bar in Columbus. A small, intimate venue with lovely lights and ambience, Big Room Bar proved to be a great venue for Lala Lala to perform their succinct yet comprehensive set. Playing most of the songs off The Lamb, including stand outs “I Get Cut” and “Water Over Sex,” I was blown away by Lille’s stage presence and the way she brings in the audience with the emotional aspect of her lyrics. Ending the evening with a stand out performance of “Destroyer,” Lala Lala definitely put on a set that I will not soon forget. Lillie joked at the beginning of the night that if they hadn’t had a successful set at Big Room Bar that they’d never return to Columbus again. Fortunately, I don’t think that will be of concern. Lala Lala’s set at Big Room Bar was one of the best shows I’ve been to this year, and I am excited to see the future of this band.

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