Zoë Bridgwater (zb): co-founder + editor-in-chief
Zoë loves to feature details in her work that are often overlooked by people in a hurry. She also loves to create a dreamy quality in her work by utilizing pale color schemes. Zoë is never not reading about and/or listening to music.
You can view Zoë's work on her website.

Zoey Martinez (zm): co-founder + assistant editor
Zoey Martinez has a great love for animals, her dogs in particular. She spends most of her free time painting, drawing, reading, and watching movies.

Molly Alexander: contributing artist + writer
Molly is a mixed media artist, photographer, and writer from Connecticut. Her vibrant works highlight themes of reflection and regrowth from a youthful point of view. She spends her time choreographing photoshoots, exploring unfamiliar places, and discovering new music.
You can view Molly's work on her website and on Instagram.

Emma Banks: contributing photographer

Natalie Carranza Tapiacontributing photographer
"My name is Natalie and I live in Seattle. I started taking photographs about two years ago and I haven’t been so focused on something since then. One of my goals is to to take someone who isn’t so used to being in front of a camera and make them feel comfortable and show them just how beautiful they actually are. My job is just simply to capture the moment."
You can view Natalie's work on Instagram.

Erin Daviscontributing photographer + writer
Erin is a 17 year old writer, photographer and multimedia journalist who explores documentary and stylized media through her work. Her visual and written media explores the intersections of identity, culture, and art, and ties these concepts to youth culture and activism.
You can view Erin's work on her website on Instagram.

Sophia Fultzcontributing photographer
Sophia is a photographer and graphic designer based in Tulsa, OK. She spends her time shooting for local musicians and dreams of being a touring photographer.
You can view Sophia's work on Instagram.

Logan Charles Jenkins: contributing photographer
Logan is a photographer. He travels not only as a drummer on tours but as an artist, taking pictures of talented performers and expressive models as he goes. He typically focuses his art on having a broad range of capabilities; anything from simple headshots to eccentric pieces focusing on deep connotations, he tries to do it all.

Malena Lloydcontributing concert photographer
"My name is Malena Lloyd and I started getting into photography my sophomore year of high school (5 years ago) when I took a 35mm film class. I had always been very art oriented from a young age but photography has changed my life in such a beautiful way. When I graduated high school I decided not to go to college and just travel and go to shows. It was that fall after my senior year that I got into music photography. I have been going to shows for years and one day I just decided to take my camera to one and I haven’t stopped since! I hope to one day make a career out of music photography for a while and pursue other dreams as well as that in the future."
You can view Malena's work on her website on Instagram.

Saffron Maeve: contributing photographer + writer
Saffron is a girl from Toronto who writes about film, nostalgia, and literature. She also habitually cries to beautiful music and loves it.

Madelyn Moorecontributing illustrator + writer
Madelyn is a writer, illustrator, and photographer from Memphis, TN. She grew up with a camera in one hand and a pen in the other. When she’s not writing, working on a new illustration, or taking photos, she’s either watching a movie she’s seen at least 5 times already, or drinking coffee too late in the afternoon.

Rachel Nealcontributing photographer + writer
Rachel is a photographer and writer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photography has always played a huge role in her adolescence and she's constantly finding new ways to capture the in-between moments of everyday life and making them as raw and nostalgic as possible.
You can view Rachel's work on Instagram.

Thea Neufeldt Armstrongcontributing artist + writer
Thea is a multidisciplinary artist. She likes to create using anything she can get her hands on. Some of her favourite mediums are 35mm film, oil and watercolour, ink work, collage, sculpture, and music. Thea sings in a choir and does vocals & violin in the band she and her friends started, called Medicine for Brian, and in the duo Captain Future & the Relaxtronaut, which she and best friend Izik Hesselink started a few months ago and are busy making music under. Thea loves her dog & anything with basil.
She posts all her work on her website, her photography on Flickr, and is currently on a social media break, but has a larger variety of work on her Instagram.

Javi Perezcontributing concert photographer
Javi has been taking photos for 7 years but recently got into concert photography, going by the name Lilacfilm. It is her absolute passion and she wants to pursue it after graduation! When she is not editing, designing or sleeping, she is usually watching RIP Vine compilation videos.
You can view Javi's work on her website on Instagram.

Emma Sophia Vallescontributing photographer
Emma Sophia Valles is a photographer based in Southern California. Experimenting with new styles and concepts, she has found herself drawn to film photography. Planning photoshoots and shooting for bands because she feels like it is the perfect way to be able to capture her perspective on things and share it with others.

Sara: contributing writer
An amateur writer and creator of art.
You can view Sara's work on her website.

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*Please include your name, a little bit about yourself, why you want to be a staff member, and what position you would like.

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